Is hosting International students hard?

New hosts are generally surprised how simple it really is. At the end of the day students are guests in your home and are respectful of your specific set of house rules.

How long do I house students for?

Short-term programs are generally 4 weeks in length. Long-term students are looking for a host for 3+ months.

How should I change my home when hosting students?

You will run your household the same as you always have, just with additional members of the family!

How do I communicate with my students when they are out?

Short-term students are given a phone or SIM card with a US phone number. Long-term students will need to acquire their own phone and SIM card. You will be able to text and call whenever needed. If your student is going out, ask them where they are going and approximately what time they will be home. If your student is returning home late in the evening remind them to take a taxi, bus, or other public transportation option, rather than walk.

Do I have to drive my students around?

Short-term students will receive bus passes and will use public transportation to get around. In certain cases they will be provided with private transportation.

Long-term students are responsible for their own transportation as well, we highly recommend helping them get an ORCA card for public transportation.

Can my short-term student stay the night at another student’s homestay home?

Yes, but both students need to get their homestay family’s approval. If they are permitted to stay out, your student should tell you where they will be staying and leave a contact phone number for you. If you or your student is planning a trip, EAH should be notified.

Are the students allowed to have people stay the night at my home?

It is suggested that you do not encourage your student to invite friends outside of the program over to spend the night. If your student is persistent, please refer the matter to your EAH coordinator.

What happens if there is a conflict?

We encourage homestay students to work through issues with their host directly. This is one of the important challenges and cultural learning opportunities presented by the homestay experience. If a serious communication issue arises, please contact EAH. We will try to resolve the issue through mediation with both parties.

What if I am out of town for a day when my student is staying at my home?

If you are absent, you must organize alternative arrangements for your homestay student and obtain approval for these arrangements from EAH.

What if my student gets sick?

If your student develops a mild medical condition requiring medical attention, you may need to assist with transportation to a medical appointment. If a serious condition arises requiring medical treatment, it is expected that EAH will take primary responsibility in communicating with the student’s family and making hospital visits. All students are insured during their visit.

How do students adjust to life in the United States?

As your student is living away from home in a foreign country, they may need time to adjust. Host families are expected to offer guidance to students with questions concerning general matters such as public transportation, local entertainment, and cultural norms. Students will also need to adjust to expectations in the home concerning matters such as water, internet and electricity use, communication styles, and food. If a serious concern arises, EAH should to be advised.

Does my compensation get taxed?

Compensation is distributed untaxed. 1099 forms will be sent in the mail at the appropriate time. We suggest contacting a tax professional for advice on how much to set aside for tax purposes.


When is the application deadline?

Your application must be turned in at least one month prior to your arrival in Seattle.

When will I know who my homestay family is?

You will learn who your homestay family is two-four weeks prior to your arrival. You will receive your host’s bio and details about their home and location. After that you are welcome to email and call them to get to know them better!

When should I arrive?

This varies from person to person, but we have found that arriving between 2-5 days before your first day of class is best. If you need more or less time be sure to let us know so we can make arrangements for you.

Do I get to pick my family?

We do our best to match you with a family you will enjoy! Be sure to specify any preferences you have on your application. We are committed to making the homestay experience great for everyone involved!

Do I have to pay my family directly?

No, one of the benefits of our homestay program is that you don’t need to discuss finances with your hosts. Experience America will take care of all the logistics. Instead, you can focus on immersing yourself in American English and culture!

Will I have my own room?

Yes, you will have your own room filled with a bed, desk, and wardrobe. You will also have access to a shared bathroom.

How far is my commute to school?

Your commute to school will be no longer than an hour via public transportation and less than a 15 minute walk to the bus stop.

Will I need to prepare my own food?

Your host will provide you with breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday, as well as three meals a day on Saturday and Sunday.

How long can I stay with my homestay family?

You are welcome to stay with your host for as long as you and your host would like!

If I want to move out of my homestay, when do I tell them?

You need to give at least two weeks notice to your homestay family if you are moving back home or to a different housing situation. If this is the case, please be open and practice good communication. The more time the better.